Communication Skills Workshop



Hello! Today we’re looking at the scheduling for this year’s Communication Skills Workshop or CSW.

Understand that CSW is intended for Deaf Ed teachers, teachers of ASL as a foreign language, interpreters, and parents of the deaf. We have a very large group of people coming together for this workshop. The training itself entails an immersion language model. Most workshops are teaching you how to teach, or how to improve interpretation, and that is not the purpose of the Communication Skills Workshop. It’s an immersion workshop.

We look forward to you registering, signing up, and joining us this year for all the new activities we have planned.

Thank you.

ASL Teachers

The Communication Skills Workshop for ASL Teachers

Greetings. American Sign Language teacher workshop is geared at an immersion model for ASL.

At the same time, teachers will explain about mouth morphemes, they’ll talk about grammar, structure, and syntax, of ASL. They’ll prepare you for, and what looks like, the TASC-ASL.

So for new teachers who are on the job, in public schools, or for those veteran teachers who just want to improve their teaching skills in the classroom, we have many skilled ASL users here, and we hope to see you.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Deaf Education Teachers

The Communication Skills Workshop for Deaf Education Teachers

Hello! The Deaf Ed Teacher workshop, as part of the Communication Skills Workshop, again, is an immersion workshop, with the intention of having you interact with skilled language users, at the same time, covering topics of interest, such as teaching strategies, curriculum development, adaptations to the classroom, or how to use, or what it might look like, some of the tools that are out there, some of those resources, as well as the internet.

We hope you have time to interact and meet some professionals, and do some networking while you are here. Deaf Ed teachers focuses more on the Texas Assessment of Signed Communication, and those teachers who are in public schools can upgrade their certifications through this process.

Thank you! Seeing you there.


The Communication Skills Workshop for Interpreters

The Communication Skills Workshop is specifically geared towards interpreters in the field. It’s been 25 years now that we have been hosting this workshop at TSD, and this year, 25 years of experience, learning and making changes to the workshops, we’ll be offering training for certified interpreters on how to move up to higher certification, what’s involved, what materials are out there to study, and how to better prepare for those certifications.

CSW also offers people training who have no certifications. So you are welcome to come, interact with other professionals, and you’ll learn a lot about both the BEI and ASL, and some about SEE, and MSS, and various sign systems that are used. We look forward to seeing you.

Thank you. Forward to seeing you there.


The Communication Skills Workshop for Parents

The Communication Skills Workshop for parents is… we know that parents are the first line in teaching their children, and educating their children, but parents find it often a difficult task to try to find sign language that they can access.

There is not a “deaf world” that they can go to. So as CSW parents join us they get to interact with hearing and deaf professionals, deaf people who are general users, and they get to understand better the classroom needs for a child in a signing environment. So we teach the parents not how to parent, but we teach them how to focus in on the language that’s needed in an immersion model, exposing the parent to the various interactions they’ll need so that they can acquire a language.

We look forward to seeing you there.